At THP, our team members value green garage design and strive to create structures that are both sustainable and enriching to the surrounding community. When considering garage design, our 10 Parksmart-accredited professionals all prioritize the positive environmental impact that comes along with constructing a Parksmart-certified garage.

Parksmart, a US Green Building Council (USGBC) program, is a “voluntary, consensus-driven standard that guides projects toward innovative, solutions-oriented strategies that benefit everyone from building owners and property managers to tenants and drivers.” These benefits show up in a variety of ways, including easier, safer navigation through intentional wayfinding, by uplifting communities through the addition of green (vegetative) or blue (water-retentive) spaces on garage roofs, amenities like bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations, and solar energy sources.

A garage, whether renovated or newly constructed, can earn Parksmart certification by adhering to 48 criteria, all of which fit within three overarching categories: Management (garages that maximize parking assets while minimizing waste), Programming (leveraging a garage’s potential as a public space and a helpful member of the community), and Technology & Structure Design (garages which increase energy efficiency, lower waste, and support consumer mobility choice). Garage owners and managers wishing to achieve green certification receive “points” based on environmental and economic impact. Parksmart certification meets minimum thresholds for existing and new parking structures.

THP is proud to have served as the parking consultant for Kentucky’s first Parksmart Bronze-certified garage at Western Kentucky University and the Parksmart Silver-certified garage at Nashville International Airport (BNA)’s Concourse D, one of only nine newly constructed airport facilities in the U.S. to attain this distinction.

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