Wood Framed Structures

When it comes to a project’s cost and schedule, wood-framed structural designs provide a low-spend, quick, and easy-to-build option. The material is simple to obtain and comes with a large local subcontractor workforce. The benefits of wood frame or mass timber materials can appeal to developers who want to keep project costs low and schedules tight.

THP’s experience in working with developers to design high quality wood framed structures exemplifies our reputation as a trusted and talented structural design firm. We achieve successful results through cultivating strong relationships with Construction Management (CM) firms, providing the entire team with a clear understanding of the design and construction process from start to finish.

THP is heavily involved in Construction Administration, granting us the ability to continually observe a project from the inside and collaborate with CM firms to combat problems as they arise. This relationship ultimately minimizes issues, common or otherwise, that can occur during construction, providing support and peace-of-mind to the developer as well as preventing negative alterations to the project’s timeline.

When wood design is only a section of a larger development, THP’s knowledge of the bigger project picture is beneficial and necessary. Oftentimes, THP engineers are involved in several components of a development, and our team possesses a valuable understanding of different material types, including how they can integrate within a larger development.

THP’s has a rich history working with parking garages both with or without podiums or podium structures and other special features. Our team has also been entrusted with many projects which feature the restoration of historical buildings, including both structural and architectural work in building envelopes. This experience is what separates us from the rest and grants the developer a partner whose background prepares the team for a successful project.