Co-op Chronicles featuring Emily Phillips, Engineering Co-op

Emily Phillips is a second year student majoring in architectural engineering at the University of Cincinnati. She is completing her first major-related co-op with THP. We asked Emily why she chose engineering as a career, and her perspective on working in the AEC industry.

Why did you choose engineering as a future career?

The biggest reason I chose engineering as my future career is because as engineers/future engineers, we are constantly changing the world, creating new inventions, and always solving problems. What makes engineering so exciting is that there is always something new to learn, and new solutions to develop. Being a woman in a male-dominated field has always been a motivating factor to continue studying engineering, even when I think it’s hard at times. I want to show others that women are as capable, and can be as successful as men in the construction field.

What do you like about working in the AEC industry?

From what I’ve experienced so far this semester, the thing I like most about working in the AEC industry is that you not only do you design what is built, but you can see the process on site. I’ve also noticed that the environment you are in makes a big difference when learning. Being in a classroom with college students is much different from being on site or in the office with people in the AEC industry. Being around motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate people in the industry make it easier to learn and it gives you people to idolize.

What attracted you to THP?

Mentorship was the biggest factor in considering companies. I wanted a strong mentor that I could and ask for advice, general questions about the field, and just someone that could lead me in the right direction. THP provides engineering co-ops with two mentors. Working here for two months, Anthony Mette and John Millar have opened my eyes to so much that I would not have learned sitting in a classroom. What I did not realize in my interview was that once I started working here, I would gain not only two mentors, but a whole office full of people who would teach me and guide me in my future career.