Leading the business development and marketing functions at THP, I set client development strategies that align with firm growth goals across the industries and markets we serve. As a member of the firm’s business leadership team, I work with a collaborative group to set and implement strategies that forward firm operations. Putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak, is how I like to operate so I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited into the ownership of the firm.

Market analysis as well as understanding our clients’ business goals and getting to their “why” is something I enjoy. Learning how a particular design project will help clients to achieve their goals is something that I find interesting and impactful.

This analysis allows our team to position THP’s four service lines appropriately across the five industries we serve in multiple markets, which is fun and challenging. It comes with a lot of consideration, and it seems as though I always have a spider web of messages and connections in my brain. This spider web helps our team to create dynamic messaging that demonstrates THP’s unique value across client types, while maintaining a consistent voice.

One of my favorite ways to collaborate with our technical team is to talk with our engineers and architects about the projects they design. Together, we pull out the unique, special details and creative solutions they bring to projects to positively impact outcomes. These stories are fun to tell and evoke great reactions from clients and project partners.

After working in this industry for most of my career, I decided to give another industry a try. I worked at a corporate law firm for a few years, where I learned a lot about myself, business, and how companies that provide other professional services go to market. I am extremely competitive, and I like to win; bringing this knowledge to THP and applying these outside perspectives to existing practices allows us to do just that.

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