As a senior principal at THP, and a member of the board of directors since the 1990’s, I’ve have seen our restoration consulting grow from a small regional focus to a nationwide footprint with an industry-leading reputation. Travels across the US for THP restoration consulting, as well as mentoring and leading our restoration staff, have defined my career.

Before joining THP in 1988, I already had a well-established focus in concrete forensic and restoration consulting. Three years of experience early in the early 1980’s at the Portland Cement Association working with people who “wrote the books” regarding concrete as a building material easily helped me decide where my career path should be.
Growing up in New Jersey, I never envisioned settling in Cincinnati for my home and career. I went into architecture at the University of Notre Dame, then completed a master’s in structures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and moved to Chicago to start my career. I met and married my wife Kathy while in Chicago in the early 1980’s, and her Cincinnati roots eventually lead me to THP.

Our two sons are grown and married, and several years ago relocated to the Washington, D.C. area. In August of 2022 we decided to follow them to the area, and we relocated our primary residence to Alexandra, Virginia while keeping an apartment in Cincinnati for me to maintain a presence with regular visits for my local clients. Our D.C. area home also allows me the ability to maintain and further pursue THP’s east coast restoration consulting business.

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