PE, SE, Parksmart Advisor, RWC

My dad has a strong background in mathematics and enjoyed helping my four brothers and me in math-related school coursework. He never let us use a calculator when completing our homework. Based on this upbringing and many hands-on house and woodworking projects, I often thought about becoming an engineer. I considered becoming a pilot, which stemmed from tandem skydiving on my sixteenth birthday and then two months later from 13,000 feet. In the end I chose to pursue structural engineering out of high school and have been working in the field ever since. All four of my brothers went another route—into business careers in either accounting or finance—so I am the one who gets to answer all the engineering, home-related issues, and renovation questions for my family.

I completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in civil engineering with a structural focus. I began my co-op education through UC at THP in 2001. THP has given me many opportunities that have supported my long-term career and development. I am a registered professional engineer, registered structural engineer, and registered waterproofing consultant. I am also a principal in our restoration and building envelope service groups. Working in these two service groups has challenged me through work on many existing buildings and structures, solving problems related to structural renovations, deterioration, and waterproofing. My goal on these projects is to fully understand the problem at hand and implement a cost-efficient solution to help owners best utilize their buildings in the future.

When not developing creative repair solutions, I am blessed to be raising three kids with my wife on the west side of Cincinnati. I enjoy coaching baseball, soccer, and basketball for our kids. We enjoy exploring the region with our hiking shoes or on bikes from many parks to great biking areas. I enjoy completing renovations and additions on our home, finding new restaurants with my wife, and traveling. I look forward to being involved in my children’s school activities and sports as they grow.

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