I joined THP in 2019 through VT Design Solutions as a project technician. Prior to 2019, I was a drafter at EFCO Corp. in Atlanta, where I was responsible for drafting concrete forming and shoring designs on multi-purpose high rise buildings, luxury apartment buildings, and structural bents and bridges for road projects. I attended a two-year ABET-accredited college in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I majored in mechanical engineering technology. Since my work not only reflects upon myself but also THP, I value hard work and dedication, which drives me to provide the best possible product in any capacity required by clients.

I was born and raised in north Georgia. After briefly living and working in the Atlanta area, I moved to Cincinnati with my then-fiancé, who is attending law school. I currently live in the Cincinnati metro area with my wife and our two cats. When I am not in the office, you can find me at local arts and music events, working out at SOTO Community Fitness, and exploring state and national parks.

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