As President of THP, I am responsible for leading the firm’s strategic planning efforts and internal operations. By working to create a culture of collaboration and innovation that empowers the creativity and abilities of THP’s talented staff, I believe that we will create limitless opportunities for growth for everyone at the firm.

I have been a part of the building industry for much of my life. Growing up in a large family with a carpenter and a roofer for brothers, I worked my way through college as a laborer and residential carpenter. Naturally, I began my schooling at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) seeking a degree in Architecture. After a year in DAAP, I realized that my true design passion was on the structural side, and I eventually transferred and completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC in the fields of civil and structural engineering.

I began my career with THP in 1998. I was immediately able to work on several complex and challenging projects that helped to fuel my passion for architecture and the built environment. Those projects taught me the value of all team members and showed me the creativity that everyone on that team needs to bring an architectural vision to life. Because of those early experiences, I have always enjoyed learning and understanding all aspects concerning the design and construction of a building and collaborating with a team to bring a project from concept to completion. Team members working on a project with me will notice this desire to understand the entire design and construction process, my creative approach, and my attention to detail.

My love of design and construction has given me a wide breadth of experience across all four of THP’s service offerings and even led me away from THP for a few years, during which I founded and ran a residential contracting company with my brother. This adventure gave me the opportunity to not only run a business but also be primarily responsible for the full design and construction of several homes and additions.

After living for over 20 years in our first renovation project in Mt. Adams, my wife and I have recently moved back to the west side of Cincinnati, where I grew up, to take on another renovation challenge. When I am not tackling the latest renovation effort or home project with my wife, you can probably find me golfing, but I do still enjoy a good run or bike ride from time to time.

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