With a love for problem solving as my guide, I completed my undergraduate in civil engineering at Vanderbilt University and my graduate degree at the University of Cincinnati. I joined THP in 1999 and began working on new structural projects, including Great American Ballpark. In 2003, I transitioned to our Restoration Service group, where I developed a wide range of skills in the assessment and rehabilitation of concrete and steel framed structures, with a focus on parking facilities. Since then, I have assessed or restored over 200 parking garages nationwide. I became a principal at THP in 2012 and rose to the restoration service lead in 2020, with a focus on managing our staff’s workload and operational procedures. In 2021, I joined THP’s board of directors as a senior principal. With our “family first” environment and wide range of experienced co-workers and friends, I am happy to call THP my only professional home.

My professional philosophy focuses on understanding a structure’s various issues and collaborating with our clients to execute a shared vision of needed repairs in a cost-effective and time-appropriate manner. Communication and teamwork are the bedrock of a great project, not only for our internal team at THP, but with our clients, fellow consultants, and contractors.

Each project is a new challenge as we assess a structure for our clients and help them plan for and implement repair needs that align with their current and long-term goals. Proper assessment is critical to identifying the magnitude of an identified issue and the proper remediation and timeframe for implementation. Improper assessment can lead to repair and maintenance programs for facilities which are either too costly or too simplistic in their initial scope and understanding, which in turn leads to even greater long-term costs and operational needs.

Southwest Ohio has always been my home. I grew up in Brown County and returned to Cincinnati after my undergraduate in Nashville. I currently reside in Milford, Ohio. For me, the sun rises and sets with my wife and two sons. When not focused on THP or my family, I enjoy photography, Marvel movies, family trips to Cape Cod, a good espresso, and the occasional round of golf.

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