AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Parksmart Advisor

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in understanding how things work and how they are put together. This eventually grew into a passion for buildings and the construction industry. Torn between whether I wanted to go into architecture or engineering, I attended the University of Cincinnati (UC), where I explored both interests as a part of the first architectural engineering graduating class. I completed all my co-op terms with THP, where I found my passion and love for structures. Upon completion of my degree at UC, I moved to Clemson to pursue my master’s in architecture. The Community Build program at Clemson University let me collaborate with a client, design, detail, and then build. This not only increased my enthusiasm for the industry, but also my appreciation for the craft of the workers and the skill it takes to make designs on paper become a reality.

This ties into what has always been my underlying passion for the industry: problem solving. There is something about taking a complex problem, such as a complicated design, and finding a way to make it a reality through engineering and craft that has always excited me. This eventually led me back to Cincinnati to work at THP after I graduated.

THP has provided me with the unique opportunity to work on both architectural and structural projects, pulling from both of my degrees. I received my architectural license in 2019 and expect to get my Professional Engineer certification in 2023. Having both skillsets has been immensely helpful with work on Integrated Project Delivery projects. Most of these projects are very fast-paced and require team members to be highly collaborative. While we are typically the structural engineers on the projects, my architectural background gives me the necessary skills to be more collaborative when it comes to integrating building systems and supplying beneficial input for the team. I draw from both of my areas of expertise to supply innovative solutions to complex problems. My career goal is to be an engineer who can make any architectural design a reality—no matter how complex—without diminishing the vision the architect or owner has for the project.

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