I have designed and managed a wide variety of project types including concrete restoration, waterproofing, façade restoration, wood framing, new parking garages, and multi-story concrete and steel framed buildings.

I enjoy the unique opportunities that present themselves each day, from puzzling design challenges to solving immediate construction issues. I strive to be a trusted and dependable team member who brings value to the design process and ultimately to the end user of the facility.

Engineering came quite naturally to me since I was immersed in the field at an early age. My grandfather was a plant engineer at Procter & Gamble and my father had a career of more than 40 years in the profession with multiple engineering degrees. I can remember “helping” on their construction projects as early as age five. There’s no doubt that repeated exposure to the construction process had an influence on my career path. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

I am fortunate to have many outstanding mentors that make each day a learning experience. As a principal in the firm, I am devoted to making the THP staff the best in the region. I have served in a formal capacity as a staff coach and mentor; young staff members will always find me available to take their questions or review a design concept.
My passion for mentoring extends beyond my profession, having spent years volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America to help develop future leaders. My involvement in this organization continues long after my two sons have left the program.

I am proud to say that each of my sons has chosen engineering as their profession. Was there any doubt?

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