PE, SPRAT Level 1

I completed my undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve University and my graduate degree at Cleveland State University in the field of civil engineering with a structural focus. Throughout my career at THP, I have had experience in our structural, restoration, and building envelope service teams. However, most of my work is focused in structural design. I am a certified member of the Society of Practicing Rope Access Technicians and a member of THP’s rope access team that utilizes rappelling for façade reviews.

While my childhood passion for model-making made it clear at an early age that I would be an engineer, it was not until I took my first structural design class in college that I knew structural engineering and building design was the perfect career. My job allows me to be creative through design and problem solving. I enjoy working on projects with challenging architectural designs, in particular healthcare and higher education buildings, which require close coordination with the design team.

I have always enjoyed being active, and my work on THP’s rope access team provides the balance of mental and physical challenge that I grew to value as a life-long baseball player. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my girlfriend and two dogs. When we are not tackling the next home improvement project, we enjoy walking and hiking with the dogs, running, and rock climbing.

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