I joined THP’s new structures and building envelope groups after graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s architectural engineering program. With a passion for structural restoration and historic buildings, I am excited about my work. Preserving the historic properties of Cincinnati adds to our rich cultural heritage and strengthens our vibrant communities. Viewing projects as a part of the community with the potential to positively affect people’s lives has shaped my design goals to reach beyond simply function. The motivation that I bring to every project comes from a desire to ensure that spaces truly meet people’s human needs. I was raised by two engineers, so this seems like the field I am meant to be in. I am also glad that I work at a firm that feels like it is meant for me.

In my free time, I go outdoors as much as possible for activities such as running, backpacking, and rock climbing. When Ohio weather does not allow those pursuits, I stay inside to read, cook, or play the viola.

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