I’m a licensed architect specializing in the assessment and repair of all aspects of the building envelope. This includes designing systems that result in durable separations of the interior spaces from the elements. I take pride in detailing practical solutions that are simple, comprehensive, buildable, cost effective, and aesthetically appropriate. My building envelope work focuses on facade maintenance, diagnosing failures, and identifying liabilities to determine a recommended repair scope. Assessments are performed to identify project needs, prioritize scope, and budget for the repairs. I believe the construction administration presence is critical for quality assurance for the owner. A properly-maintained building envelope enables an owner to ensure occupant comfort, extend the building facade’s longevity, and protect the owner’s assets.

My career in the construction industry began with an infatuation with Waffle Blocks, which progressed to Bristle Blocks, Lincoln Logs, and ultimately LEGO bricks. A high school art teacher took one look at my sculpture project and proclaimed: “You should be an architect.” With that sentence, my career path and future became clear.

On weekends you can find me acquiring a sunburn at one of my kids’ many sporting events or working on various home improvement projects. I enjoy craft brews in social settings and supporting the local sports teams despite their collective inability to win.

My favorite projects result in an end product that makes repairs indistinguishable from the original construction. I consider a project successful if people never notice the building was repaired.

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