THP specializes in building envelope assessment and repair, beginning with our talented team of rope access technicians certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). THP’s rappelling team members can survey building envelopes with minimal impact on the building and to the building occupants, providing building owners with an expedient, cost-effective, and low operational impact way to understand their envelope condition close-up.

Benefits of Rope Access
Rappelling requires less mobilization than a swing stage and little to no coordination with the building owner or contractor. Our technicians rappel using only a top anchor point – typically an existing rooftop structure or an engineered anchor point. If there is no existing OSHA-certified tie-off point, THP also has internal certification which allows our team to assess a building and identify safe anchor point options. This differentiates us from the competition; we have the knowledge and experience to access places that others cannot, safely and effectively.
Building surveys via drone footage can fail to meet the requirements of a full assessment, lacking the tangibility and detail of hands-on rappelling surveys. Our team’s proximity allows evidence that cannot be captured by a camera, including low-impact, nondestructive testing through sealant test cuts, hammer sounding, and more. Through our first-hand knowledge, a client can be assured of whether a crack or other visual defect to a building’s exterior is a structural issue that needs to be addressed. Rope access can save time, money, and unnecessary worries.

Rope Access is the Most Efficient Option
Rope access requires low set-up and low a time commitment while allowing more flexibility. While other methods lack hands-on experience or require a great deal of planning and coordination, rope access provides the opportunity to survey various sections of a building exterior quickly and productively. THP’s rope access technicians show an impressive dedication to the high-quality, high-efficiency work that we do, and their involvement in building exterior surveys provides an advanced level of information with low-level impact and less capital spending.

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