Tyler Voss is a third-year student majoring in civil engineering at the Ohio State University. He recently completed his first major-related co-op with THP. We asked Tyler why he chose engineering as a career, his perspective on working in the AEC industry, and what makes a co-op at THP different than anywhere else.

Why did you choose engineering as a future career?

I chose to pursue the field of engineering because I really enjoy problem solving. I am always interested in learning how things work and how they can be optimized. It is important to me that my future career is not only necessary for our society, but also has the power to impact and improve the lives of many. Engineers shape the world around us, and I want to play a positive role in that process.

What do you like about working in the AEC industry?

I really enjoy designing and maintaining infrastructure that is used every day by a countless number of people. I enjoy the construction process, specifically following a project start-to-finish and seeing the tangible outcomes of my work. Working in the AEC industry is especially enjoyable to me because I get to work on a wide variety of projects, each one being unique and different. Working collaboratively on these projects allows me to constantly learn new skills, processes, systems, etc. No two days are the same for me, and I always look forward to what will come next.

What attracted you to THP?

In preparation for my final summer co-op before completing my undergraduate degree, my main focus was to gain professional experience, learn as much as possible, and ultimately prepare myself for a career in structural engineering. I was thrilled to learn about THP, because I felt that the various service groups within the company would expose me to a wide variety of work and help me determine what interests me the most. After speaking with Tony and John during the hiring process, I really respected the fact that they were open and honest with me about everything, and most of all they seemed like great guys that I would enjoy working for. They have been great mentors, and I’m thankful for the many experiences and opportunities that the company has provided for me.

What makes co-oping at THP different than your other co-ops?

With my past co-ops being predominantly on-site construction-related jobs, working at THP has been an entirely new experience. I really enjoy getting involved with a handful of projects at the same time. On top of that, I appreciate the freedom and flexibility to get involved with whatever projects interest me the most. Almost everyone in the office has been a mentor to me to some extent, and I’ve enjoyed working with, learning from, and developing relationships with all these people.

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