THP’s team of dedicated structural engineers and parking consultants have been involved in several successful and impressive mixed-use projects in Cincinnati and beyond. This complex type of project requires a structural engineer that understands building codes for varying occupancies, chooses an efficient structural frame, and designs for garage durability. THP’s experience in mixed-use building design has led to the creation of projects like The Blonde, a 13-story luxury apartment building in the heart of downtown Cincinnati and Encore Urban Living, a 19-story building containing 500 parking stalls, 133 residential units, and 8,000 square feet of ground-level retail space.  

THP benefits architects by determining appropriate building geometry, structural framing systems, and column grid placement to increase the efficiency of the garage and occupied spaces above. Our services include master planning and feasibility studies, life cycle analysis, structural system optimization, and creating designs that follow Parksmart-certified guidelines. We collaborate with construction managers to control costs and keep the project on schedule with simplified details, prefabbing items such as stairs, and utilizing repetitive formwork.

Our experience with multiple framing systems allows us to select the appropriate structural solution for each project. Developments in urban and densely populated areas are often integrated with structured parking and street-level retail. We have mastered the art of creating spaces that combine residential, retail, parking, and other public services and areas to create luxurious and inclusive experiences for our clients.

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