Congratulations to the following THP employees on their well-earned recent promotions:

Mindy Barber has been promoted to Senior Engineering Project Manager. Mindy has a broad background working with steel designs, conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, as well as high seismic structures. She has a true passion for the structural design of major healthcare structures and new parking garages. Watching her projects come to fruition through collaboration is one of her favorite parts of the construction industry.

Linette Green has been promoted to Project Architect/Project Engineer. THP has provided Linette with the unique opportunity to work with both architectural as well as structural projects, and her goal is to be the engineer able to make any architectural design a reality — no matter how complex —without diminishing the vision the architect or owner has for the project.

Mitchell Hoelker has been promoted to Project Architect. Mitchell first worked with THP during a co-op while at the University of Cincinnati. He enjoys the unique opportunity to work on famous buildings around the city and help shape the future of Cincinnati.

Zach Wolcott has been promoted to Restoration Project Manager. In his role, Zach collaborates with contractors, owners, and team members to restore and maintain existing structures to satisfy client needs. He also works with the Building Envelope group at THP where he has been trained through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) to rappel the sides of buildings to inspect the façades for immediate repair needs and waterproofing issues.

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