Steven Hery grew up with a family of engineers and a love for problem-solving. We asked Steven about his two co-op rotations at THP and what he likes about the AEC industry, including how THP has impacted him as a young engineer.

Why did you choose engineering as a future career?

I chose engineering as my future career because I have always liked to solve problems. From a young age, I have had the urge to explore, ask questions, and find solutions. Solving problems brings me great satisfaction and this career field allows me to address and solve a diverse range of different problems.

What do you like about working in the AEC industry?

Working in the AEC industry I am exposed to many different construction styles, methods, and designs. This field has so much depth and history that it makes it exciting to learn about. Being on a co-op gives you a new perspective on the material that you learn in a classroom setting and allows you to make the connection from the theory to the real-life application of the topics. I like working in the industry because of the new perspective you get. Having an understanding of the built world around you gives a greater appreciation of just how complex and stunning the world is if you know how to look.

What attracted you to THP?

What attracted me to THP was the reputation of the company. My parents are engineers and when they asked others in the industry about THP they said it was a very well thought of company. Hearing that, I investigated the kind of work that THP does, it was interesting to me, so I perused this opportunity. The co-op experience has been essential for my growth as a young engineer. The support that I have been given and the opportunities to do design in different sectors of the industry have allowed me to gain a better understanding of what it means to be an engineer.

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