THP’s industrial experience includes manufacturing plants in the USA, China, Japan, India, and Taiwan. Our economical solutions address issues such as seismic reinforcement, equipment vibration, crane foundations, and frames for heavy lifting. We have designed for 100 ton bridge crane lifts and nearly 4 miles of 30 ton gantry crane foundations. Our industrial structures cover over 10 million square feet, half of which are in high seismic areas.

Our services range from assessing, rating, upgrading, and expanding existing facilities to structural and architectural design of new facilities.

We routinely provide on-call, rapid response, technical support to our on-going clients.

Projects include:

  • Manufacturing and Process Plants
  • Warehousing, Distribution, Bulk Storage and Intermodal Centers
  • Research and Development, Laboratory, Pilot and Testing Facilities
  • Central Utility and Power Generation Plants